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Words of wisdom from “kruptos” aka @apokekrummenain. I write trying to think theologically about the world. Everyone has their specialty. Mine is a mix of philosophy and theology and biblical studies. One of the most troubling parts of North American Christianity is its anti-intellectualism. Everyone wants to “feel” right about God and Jesus. But few of us have the will or the training to think theologically about the world and the events that transpire therein. Many will quote a bible verse and assume that this is enough. For some situations and some persons it is. Most times that is just not enough. Christian theology has a long philosophical tradition. Using philosophical categories allows Christians to unpack, understand and counter the thinking that shapes our society’s political environment. Too many shy away from Christian thinking and categories in favor of classical thinkers. This is a mistake. There is a rich tradition of thought in our own faith and we do ourselves a disservice when we shy away from bringing our beliefs into the public realm. This also sharpens our thinking through engagement. God calls us to love our enemies, not submit to them.

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A pursuit of the truth from the path of wisdom flowing out of a walk with God.


Seeker of the "deeper truths." Seeking wisdom, the truth that is hidden in the space between, truth that is experienced but cannot easily be spoken.