We search around for categories and schema to help us sort through our times. A portion of Spengler's discussion of language and culture may be helpful.
Gio Pennacchietti aka @giantgio had me on for an episode of Content Minded!

February 2023

After two months away from Twitter, it is time to get back in the game. My thoughts on it.
Prayer “possesses a conductive power.” Without prayer, “our freedom of will and powers of resistance diminish; the appeal of demonic powers become more…
It is often taken as a given that the "conservative" emphasis on "the individual" as the core basis of political formation is the antidote to left wing…
N.S. Lyons who writes The Upheaval is always worth reading. His piece on Schmitt is no exception.
With the arrival of the digital panopticon, modernity has finally admitted that it cannot provide a moral framework for humanity. Instead, it must build…
This reflection is the result of my thinking further on a recent Auron MacIntyre piece that was one of the topics of discussion during my recent…

January 2023

In today’s world where freedom equals emancipation from all unchosen bonds and we live more and more in a digital panopticon, privacy can seem like a…
Augusto de Noce makes the case that sexual libertinism has been the left's primary weapon to undermine its adversaries and establish it's power. The…
Augusto del Noce's "The Crisis of Modernity" has an extended discussion on "authority" which made me think of a unpublished piece I wrote last year.
Del Noce helps us understand the logic and purpose of progressivism, why woke capital walks hand in hand with the progressives, and what the end game…